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Bethel Deliverance International Church

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The Christian and The Culture 

BOOK  $12

The Kneeling Mind 

BOOK   $12

Ingredients for Prayer 

BOOK  $10

Reality of Christian Living

BOOK  $5

The Just Shall Live By Faith

CD  $9

DVD  &12

You've Been Here Long Enough

 CD Series  $25

 DVD Series  $25

Stop The Insanity

DVD Series  $25

 CD Series  $25

Double Portion Blessing

CD  $9

DVD  $12 

The Responsibility of Forgiveness

 CD Series  $35 

 DVD Series  $35


Send God A Text

CD   $9 

DVD  $12

Spiritual Warfare

CD Series  $25

DVD Series $25

Instructions for Supernatural Living

CD Series $25

DVD Series $25