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Bethel Deliverance International Church

Little Lights of the World & Bethel Christian Academy

In 1991, Bishop Lambert established Lights of the World, Inc. as the community outreach arm of Bethel Deliverance International Church. Lights of the World, Inc. (LOW) was birthed out of love and a genuine desire to meet the needs of people in our surrounding communities. Lights of the World, Inc.’s mission is to transform lives by equipping individuals with essential life skills needed to bring transformation and enhance their quality of life. This charge to meet the needs of surrounding communities is accomplished through life transforming programs in the areas of: Literacy and Education, Employment Preparation, Financial Awareness, Community Resources, Health Education, Family and Seniors.

Programs encompassing LOW’s Mission:

Enlighten Life Skills: A 6 to 8 week series of courses designed to enhance skills in youth and adults. Classes offered cover: Adult Literacy, Literature Lab and Writing Enhancement, Math Refresher, Career Preparation, Interactive Cooking, Sewing, Carpentry, Basic Electrical Wiring, Health Education and Exercise, Budget & Debt Reduction, Financial Education, Auto Maintenance, Community Organizing & Development, Spanish, PA/YMCA Certification in Home Day Care and more.