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Bethel Deliverance International Church

Church History

Bethel Deliverance Church had its beginnings in 1987. A small group of seven committed believers, under the leadership of Bishop Eric A. Lambert, Jr., began seeking the Lord concerning His will for the development of the church. Out of that group Bethel Deliverance Church was born. The church had a strong emphasis on Evangelism and Discipleship. God's instructions to Bishop Lambert were very simple: "Find a building, and start a church." The Lord led us to an office complex where we rented space for our worship services. Our first formal service was held in 1988 on Palm Sunday. Since that service, we have been richly blessed of the Lord. We now have three Sunday services, as well as Sunday School, Youth Church (ages 12-17), Children's Church (ages 3-11) and our Cradle which serves children 6 months to 5 years. In addition to our services, we have daily prayer in the morning and midday; Tuesday and Friday afternoon prayer and Bible study; Wednesday night prayer and Bible study; "All Night Prayer" on the first and third Fridays of every month; and outreach efforts and support group fellowships on Saturdays.

In 1990, God blessed us to establish the Bethel Bible Institute. Our institute focuses on the proper training and development of God's people. We offer classes on a variety of subjects and teach with life application as our goal. Proper Bible instruction is vital to the fulfillment of God's command to Bishop Lambert to make disciples. Disciples are only made as the Word of God is understood and applied to the daily lives of the believers. The Bethel Bible Institute recently changed its name to Bethel Institute of Biblical Studies.

As our church continued to grow, we began to take a harder look at discipleship. While realizing our command to go into all the world and present the gospel, we were challenged by the Lord to also provide a place of support and care for hurting people in our Jerusalem. In 1991, the Lord directed us to begin a Community Outreach Ministry. This ministry focuses on meeting the social and temporal needs of our community. In November of 1994, this ministry received its non-profit corporation status under the name of Lights of The World, Inc.

Bethel's mission is to bring a real Jesus to the world. It is our purpose to show the world that God, while living in heaven, does indeed care for the everyday needs of humanity.

In January of 2004, Bethel Deliverance Church changed its name to Bethel Deliverance International Church to reflect an expansion of our vision to include a stronger global emphasis. Bethel continues to focus on the things that have made us successful to date: prayer, education, evangelism, and fellowship while placing a more concerted effort on ministry in areas beyond our Jerusalem and Judaea, focusing on the uttermost parts of the world.

Bethel has a real concern to make a difference in our local communities, the world, and the church. Our mission to the church and the world was, is, and always will be to present a real and caring Christ.