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Bethel Deliverance International Church


Ministry Request for Bishop Eric A. Lambert, Jr.



Physical Address where service will be held:*


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Product Sales

If yes, our media sales person will be arriving with a supply of ministry CD/DVD and books for sale to those interested. We would appreciate it if you could provide one table and two chairs. Can you accommodate?


We will make travel and hotel reservations for Bishop Lambert and his staff.


All travel, hotel and food expenses for Bishop Lambert and his staff are paid for by Bishop Lambert.


Prior to Bishop Lambert’s arrival for the event; an Adjutant will be present to obtain reserved parking so that he may expeditiously enter your church and prepare for ministry.


Please feel free to ask the Adjutant about reserved seating for the choir and or any questions that you may have.


Bishop Lambert does not charge a fee for bringing the Word of God. However, we do ask that all honorariums or love offerings if in the form of a check be made payable to: Eric Lambert Ministries. 

A W-9 will be provided for your convenience.

Photo & Biographical Sketch

We ask that you use the following photo & biographical sketch for all advertisements 


If there is anything that has omitted in this form that you would like Bishop Lambert to be aware of, please do not hesitate to contact:


Denise McLean, Executive Assistant to Bishop Lambert

Phone: 215-885-1509

Fax:     215-885-4507



This form is designed to help with preparation and to ensure that the business side of the ministry goes smoothly.