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Bethel Deliverance International Church

Groups & Fellowships

One Flesh Marriage Enrichment Ministry

A marriage ministry designed to be a source of fellowship, encouragement and development for married couples.

Singles With Purpose, Adult Singles Ministry (SWP)

Goal: Transformation by Renewing the Mind

Vision Statement: Building lives upon the lasting impressions of Jesus Christ

Mission Statement: Providing a safe environment for singles to realize our potential in Christ and the Kingdom of God

The purpose of Singles With Purpose Adult Singles Ministry (SWP) is to bring together singles with a growing desire to please God. SWP will encourage singles to grow in faith and become strong in the Lord and within society by applying God’s word, prayer and associating with other Christian singles. This ministry is faith-based and designed for singles that want to fulfill God’s will and purpose in our live.

The goal is to assist singles in discovering God’s purpose regardless of our circumstances. SWP will strive to provide the necessary tools to reveal God’s purpose in accordance with Bethel’s values, vision and mission statements.  

SWP will address the spiritual, emotional and social needs through corporate ministry, biblical reference, prayer, outreach, personal examples, testimonies, life planning skills and learning to enjoy life in Christ. This ministry will also cultivate a leadership team devoted to building the ministry. SWP will have a “lasting impression” on all involved.  Blessings and enrichment are inevitable because of the spirit, dedication and devotion of those involved.


Jethro Ministry

A lay counseling ministry created to provide Biblical advice for life’s situations.


S.P.A.”Sisters Pursuing Adonai” (formerly "Women’s Fellowship")  


S.P.A. Meets every second Saturday to minister to the needs of the whole woman. They are available to encourage, build up, strengthen and support one another in the Lord. They offer open forum discussions and various guest speakers.


Joshua’s Men of Bethel (Formerly “Men’s Fellowship”)

Their mission is to establish a forum where the men of Bethel can come together for prayer, fellowship and discussion, focused on how to face and overcome challenges of being a Christian man in today’s society. Their vision is to encourage men to become Men of Vision and Excellence, positively impacting their families, work places, and place of worship, through discipleship and servanthood to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.