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Bethel Deliverance International Church

Community Outreach

Lights of the World Community Outreach Volunteers provide support for various aspects of this ministry. From Christmas and Thanksgiving projects to back-to-school, college and health fair support, these volunteers are working to provide support to members of the community in every aspect of life. 

Guiding Lights Seniors’ Ministry (Ages 55-plus) This ministry supports the elderly by providing socialization, recreational and personal enrichment. Our purpose is to prevent the isolation of the seasoned adults by encouraging fellowship among their peers.   

Caring Hands Food Pantry  Every day there is a family that goes without food in the city of Philadelphia.  It is a sad truth and an unbearable burden on many parents when they are unable to provide a necessity for their family.  That’s where Caring Hands steps in.  As believers, one of our duties is to be of assistance to our brothers and sisters in their times of need.  The Caring Hands Ministry of Bethel Deliverance International Church, under Lights of the World, Inc., provides food for those who are in need at any given time.  Caring Hands supplies food packages for families with 2-6 family members and does so for anyone.  Most of the food supplies in the Caring Hands pantry are donated.  When there are additional needs for inventory the volunteers supply them. 

CDA Certification courses Become a certified childchare provider.

Power UP   Bethel Deliverance International Church has recently partnered with Stream Energy to assist our supporters in helping us by simply doing something they already do: pay their energy bill.

One Day of Hope The “One Day of Hope” initiative of Bethel Deliverance International

Church is a program that ministers to the homeless throughout the year. 

The goal is to distribute 500 “bags of hope” during each outreach thrust.

The homeless in our surrounding communities receive care kits which

consists of gift cards (for food), clothing and personal hygiene items.   

“One Day of Hope” supports Bethel’s mission by demonstrating the love

of God in action.